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Welcome to Asppec Middle East!

Asppec was established in 2015 to provide a range to services across the globe. It aims and is committed to provide excellent service. It started its activities from United Arab Emirates, Oman and Pakistan, with prime focus on Inspection Services, health safety and environment. Asppec believes in establishing center of excellence in various fields and providing exceptional services at projects design, construction, execution and operational stages, Green Challenges is one example of that. 

Asppec is working to spread environmental awareness and reduction of green house gas emissions as per UNFCC Kyoto Protocol. This motive and commitment urged Asppec to establish its Green Challenges Division. The objectives of Green Challenge Division are to establish and carry out research and development projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to make processes and projects energy efficient. Our green Buildings consultancy and energy modeling are integral components for the developing green challenge projects. 

Asppec also provides hazards assessments and safety assessments, risk assessments, and provide safety trainings to help get the required safety levels during different operations. 

ASPPEC Consultancy